Downhill (2018)

Four plagued neighbors resort to self destruction when their decaying apartment intends to drag its residents down with it.

Direction, Animation, and Sound Design: Erica Moriconi
Advising: Steve Subotnick
Produced at MassArt
© Erica Moriconi, 2018

2019 reel

here's a look at my recent work directing short films, with a focus on character-driven animation. i primarily work in adobe animate, with some clips featuring traditional materials and photoshop!

ohio (2017)

a documentary crew comes into town to sample the local theatrical flavor and they have no idea what to expect.


fly here. (2017)

a love letter to the the worlds between the lights that are very far away, to fruit suspended and cradled in traveling hands

3rd year semester film at massart. original score by Amanda Duran. check out her work at:

skeleton curb (2017)

my constant sidewalk meditation + an experiment in not-tracing-anything


lostfruit loop (2018)

i document every abandoned veggie i see, here is a collection of them.


slopcity (2017)

who lives here? what do they want?


24 minutes (2015)

an experiment with atmosphere and digital techniques.